Emergency Car Window Breaker – Safety


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ZIBUYU® Car Emergency Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter, Aluminium Alloy Car Glass Breaker with LED, Keychain Automotive Car Safety Hammer Escape Tools


EASY 2 IN 1 EMERGENCY WINDOW BREAKER: Easiest, safest and practical car glass breaker, mini and handy, easy to use. With plastic case and lid, safe to use.
RELIABLE QUALITY: The car emergency tool is made of PC material double-sided adhesive fixed base, frosted protective cap and baked aluminum alloy shell, spring loaded, built-in tungsten steel blade, stainless steel blade cutter.
BREAK WINDOW WITH EASE: One push to break the window, just against the window breaker head to the window, with one little push on the trigger, the push force will immediately crack the tempered glass from the force points to around, without splashing glasses pieces. A must-have car safety kit.
SAFETY BELT CUTTER: Open the protective cover, align the U-shaped mouth of the cutter with the seat belt, push it forward quickly, and get yourself released in the safety belt easily and quickly. Very practical car hammer and cutter!
MINI AND PORTABLE: The compact safety hammer car window breaker weigh 1.5 ounces (4*0.9) inches and can fit into pockets, wallets, key chains, protective caps with double-sided tape, and can be easily attached on any handy place in car.
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