Cooling Gel Eye Mask: Relief for Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Redness – Women/Men – Blue


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Cooling Gel Eye Mask: Relief for Dark Circles, Dry Eyes, Redness – Women/Men – Blue

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COLD COMPRESS THERAPY: The frozen eye pad can treat puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines. Actually, it’s a luxuriously affordable compress therapy. They can be used cold, great for leaving the skin around your eyes tighter and brighter. The weight of the eye gel mask also adds light pressure to relax your face
FLEXIBLE STRAP: A stretchable strap allows you to fine tune the eyes mask to get just the right fit. Flexible strap fits for all head size, helps to hold eye mask in most comfortable position. Ice pack for eyes cooling mask that can provides variant temperatures use and extend the eye vision. Cold compress cool eye mask comes in shape to fit perfectly to your eyes and the elastic band can hold the mask in place.
HOW TO USE: First put the eye cooling mask in the refrigerator and freeze for few mins(Control time according to personal preference) No time limit on the refrigerator. The ice eye mask comes with a reusable mask that helps for healthful storage and prolong the product lifetime. Freeze the gel eye mask and put it on your eyes to reduce puffiness from a night of poor sleep or a late night, or to relieve tired eyes that have been staring at a computer all-day
ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL EYE PROBLEMS: Use the eyes pack cooling for sleeping-Relief from stress, helps to improve sleep condition. Use for migraines- relief from headache, sinus pain and stress. Use for eye relaxing- relief from swollen, dry and puffy eyes
COOLING GEL: Cooling gel eye mask used as Cooling Gel Compression – this works by providing a long lasting cooling sensation in the area on and around the eye, ensuring a truly relaxing experience. This is made possible with our unique combination of Gel Liquid.

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