“Rechargeable Mini Fan with LED Light


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Bajaj Pygmy Go 178 mm Mini Fan with LED Lighting| Rechargeable Fan| USB Charging Fan| 4-hours Battery Backup| 3 Fan Speed| 2-Light Brightness Setting| High Speed Table Fan| Blue Portable Fan


Bajaj Pygmy Go 178 mm Personal Fan comes with backup of 4 hours and provides uninterrupted air comfort during power cut
The product has super portable oval shape. You can carry your personal fan seamlessly
Bajaj Pygmy comes with 2400 mAh Li-On battery, which ensures longer life
The product has light output for dual usage and silent opertaion, which ensures less disturbance.It comes with USB Charging which gives flexibility
The product operates at high speed with 2100 RPM for quick comfort and it consumes only 7 W, which saves enegy

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