CLUB BOLLYWOOD® E27 Ceiling Fan Light


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CLUB BOLLYWOOD® E27 Ceiling Fan Light


🏘️Modern Fan Lamp‘This Ceiling Fan With Led Lamp Is Modern Designed, Large Air Volume And Wide Lighting.
🏘️Three Adjustable Gear‘There Are Gears Of This Ceiling Fan With Light, First For Light, Second For Fan, Third For Both Light And Fan, Freely Adjustable As Your Actual Needs.
🏘️Perfect Fan Size‘The Modern Ceiling Fan Light Is With Size 25Cmx11Cm/9.84Inchx4.33Inch, Great For Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Etc.
🏘️Size‘The Modern Ceiling Fan Light Is With
🏘️Color : As Per Image
🏘️Materials : As per Description
🏘️ Kindly Refer The Product Description Before Buying The Product.
📦 Package Includes:1 Ceiling Fan with Light

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