YELONA Fuel Transfer Pump Kit


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Amazon has YELONA® Liquid / Fuel – Transfer Pump Kit Tank Sucker Siphon Hose Pipe with 2 Durable PVC Hoses Newest High Flow Hand Pump Portable Manual Car Pump for Petrol Diesel Oil Liquid Water Fish Tank with 2 – Meter Pipe


【Premium Quality Rubber】Rubber hand pump, with 2 flexible & duarable PVC transparent hose, upgrade18MM diameter and 2MM thickness nozzle,large diameter & large flow rate, faster and easier for oil pumping. Come with two fixed hose clips to secure it in place, no flow will ooze.
【Multi-Use Siphon Hand Pump】Siphon Hand Pump for gasoline, oil, water and other common liquids, ideal for emergency gas transfer. Easy carry and stored. ▲TIPS: In order to use the Oil Siphon Pum properly, the source container should be placed on HIGHER position than the target container.
【Easy to Use】Lightweight and portable siphon hand fuel pump, suitable for various vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as brush cutter, lawn mower, hedge trimmer, etc.
【Attention】Never start the siphon process with mouth, it’s extremely dangerous and grossly inefficient. Not suitable for drink water, salt water and any chemical & corroding liquids.
【Attention】When liquid comes close you can pinch the hose and remove the hand pump placing hose end in target container.

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