Space Saver Vacuum Bags for Travel


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Amazon has ABOUT SPACE 5 Pack Vacuum Bags for Travel with Hand Pump (2S/2M/1L) Airtight, Reusable Space Saver Compression Storage Bags for Packing, Sealer Bags with Ziplock for Comforters Blanket + Free Shipping


VACUUM BAGS for STORAGE: 5 multiple size space-saving vacuum storage bags with pump take every bit of air from the bags, shrink blankets and quilts to 80% and clothes and other goods to 60% saving space for more storage. As every season requires swapping clothes out of the wardrobe, vacuuming helps create 3X storage space in the wardrobe for various seasons
MATERIAL: Made of Polyamide Polyethylene the air vacuum packing bag ensure the safety of stored items, the triple-seal formula acts as double security making no air to pass. Designed to be free of any microbial action, blocks odour, water droplets, mildew, insects/bugs. Textured seal to give a non-slip grip
VERSATILE: Vacuum bags for clothes with pump can be used to store various items like soft toys, rugs, clothes, blankets, quilts, pillows, rajai, comforters, t-shirts, shirt, jerkins, jeans, coats and extra tight airlock ensuring that they stay compressed.Are you tired of carrying multiple suitcases on a vacation? You need not worry about it anymore, you can just compress all the clothes in the compression storage bag and travel light with just one bag for all
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Make sure all items are dry before storing them in vacuum storage bags. Keep the space bags away from sharp items to avoid damage. Winter wear can be stored for a longer period due to its anti-microbial feature. Re-vacuum the bags every 3-4 months for long-term storage
Pack Includes: 2-Small: 40 X 60 cm (16 x 24 inches), 2-Medium: 50 x 70 cm (20 x 28 inches) , 1-Large: 60 x 80 cm (24 x 32 inches) and a Hand Pump

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