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Amazon has Wembley Educational Kids Laptop for 2 – 5 Years Boys Girls Computer Toys for 3 Years Ideal Birthday Gift Fun Activity Learning Alphabet, Letter, Words, Games, Mathematics, Music, Logic Memory Tool + Free Shipping

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Stage 1 – Offers interactive alphabet learning, including recognition, pronunciation, and typing prompts for both capital and small letters.
Stage 2 – focuses on word learning, encompassing spelling, pronunciation, and interactive activities such as spelling tests, picture identification, and word searches.
Stage 3 – Children engage in learning musical notes through playing melodies and recognizing both visual and verbal representations of musical notes.
Stage 4 – Children focus on learning numbers, including pronunciation, spelling, and writing, while also practicing number identification.
Stage 5 – Children can enjoy various interactive activities such as catching falling objects, matching pairs, shooting stars, and drawing pictures.
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