USB Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer


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CLIMBERTY® Laser Light USB Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer, 2000 Metres Laser Pointer High Power Pen, Cat Laser Toy, Long Range Green Laser Pointer for Presentations, Stargazing, Hiking (Green Light)


GREAT DURABILITY GREEN LASER LIGHT: The green laser light pointer is crafted using high-quality aluminum alloy, featuring with great robustness and rust resistance, ensuring reliable durability. One button control, easy to use. Caution: Please place it properly where children can’t get to it, and charge it in time to keep the battery life when the power is not used up.
LONG RANGE BEAM: The green laser light pointer equipping with premium LED light has a bright and long green beam of 532nm that can be used for various activities. The high-intensity beam can be seen from long distances, max upto 2000m, making it an excellent tool for presentations, stargazing, and outdoor activities.
USB RECHARGEABLE LED GREEN LASER POINTER: Green laser light pointer can be charged through the USB port. Simply unscrew the back cover of the laser pointer and plug it into a USB device! No need to buy batteries or USB cable. Which can be directly recharged using any 5V 2A USB charger adapter or power bank with a USB port.
COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The green laser light pointer is designed as compact size, making it easy to carry around. The compact and portable size also makes the green light laser pointer more convenient to carry.
VERSATILE USE: The green laser light pointer can be used for various activities, including presentations, stargazing, outdoor activities, and educational purposes. The device is versatile and can be used in different settings, making it an excellent gadget for anyone who needs a reliable tool for multiple applications. The laser pointer is suitable for pet owners to use it as a chasing laser pointer for cats.

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