Hair Towel Wrap Absorbent Towel Hair-Drying


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SK RAYAN Hair Towel Wrap Absorbent Towel Hair-Drying 


SK RAYAN Hair Towel Wrap Absorbent Towel Hair-Drying Bathrobe Magic Hair Warp Towel Super Quick-Drying Microfiber Bath Towel Hair Dry Cap Salon Towel (Hair Wrap Towel -2 Pieces), Multicolored

Super soft & comfortable – Made of durable coral fleece, this hair towel wrap is extremely soft and friendly to touch. You will fall in love with it immediately.
Super absorbent – Due to its thick coral fleece, this microfiber head towel wrap is super absorbent. It can absorb most of the water from your wet hair in a short time, after which you only need a few minutes to blow your hair dry completely. Greatly reduces the harm from the electric hair dryer.
Time-saving – After washing your hair, you can wear this hair towel wrap and do other things such as finishing your work, doing yoga, cooking, home cleaning, etc. Then you can go back to dry your hair in a short time, which will greatly save your precious time.
Light & space-saving – This microfiber hair towel wrap is very lightweight; you can carry it everywhere you go and enjoy the convenience it brings on a long trip or a short going-out.
Durable braided rope – Instead of traditional elastic ropes, We use braided ropes for our hair towels for women, no more worry about it losing elasticity after extended use. Very durable and convenient to use.

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