MAYCREATE® Electric Nail Clipper: UV Light, USB Rechargeable, 3 Speeds, Anti-splash, Nail Dust Bin, Safe for Baby


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MAYCREATE® Electric Nail Clipper: UV Light, USB Rechargeable, 3 Speeds, Anti-splash, Nail Dust Bin, Safe for Baby

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SAFE AND EFFICIENT ELECTRIC NAIL CLIPPER: This electric nail trimmer is designed for a safe and efficient nail trimming effortlessly. This electric nail trimmer is with an ergonomic design which can well fit different people’s fingernail, not just can providing a great protection during trimming but also a smooth and clean nail trimming. Automatic nail trimmer can also give a hassle free nail trimming without worrying cut too deep or get hurt accidently.
3 SPEED SWITCHABLE & LCD DISPLAY: This electric nail trimmer has presetted 3 different cutting speed, meeting various people’s needs. The slower speed is perfect for kids who are nervous or have sensitive nails, allowing you to carefully and comfortably trim each nail without causing them discomfort. Also with a LCD display, you can easily see what speed you are in, more convenient and safe to use for young kids.
UNIQUE UV LIGHT DESIGN: This electric nail cutter also has a uv light design, which provides added convenience and safety during use. The uv light not just can give your nail a disinfection for each trimming, but also can illuminates the area being worked on, allowing for better visibility of the nail, even in dimly lit environments. With this considerate LED design, people can effortlessly achieve a safe nail cut.
AUTO NAIL FRAGMENT COLLECTION: This electric nail cutter is also designed with an auto nail fragment collection bin, making it easy to collect and dispose of the trimmed nail fragmentsThe collection bin is designed for collect the cutted nail fragment and prevent the splashing nail flying into eyes which may cause any discomfortness.
USB RECHAREGABLE ELECTRIC NAIL CLIPPER: This electric nail trimmer is USB charging, built in battery, can be powered by powerbank or connecting any power adapter. After fully charged in 35mins only, the elextric nail trimmer can work for 60days. The sleek and compact appearance of this electric nail trimmer is also a great nail cut device at home or on the go.
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