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Man Matters Biotin Gummies For Hair & Skin | 60 Days Pack | With Biotin, Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc, Fibre & DHT Blocker | For Healthy & Strong Hair | Strawberry Flavour | 100% Vegan & Gut Friendly


GIVES THE RIGHT NUTRITION: Man Matters Biotin Gummies are formulated with of pure easily absorbable Biotin that is rich in fatty acids & powerful antioxidants that give your hair the right nutrition. Gummies promote fast and proper absorption of the nutrients, resulting in improved health of your hair.
DHT BLOCKER: With the goodness of pine bark, grape seed & green tea extract, these gummies effectively blocks DHT, strengthens hair and beard follicles & reduces hair fall
BIOTIN GUMMIES TO STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR: Delicious Gummy with a unique blend consisting of Biotin, which helps keeping hair healthy, Zinc, which repair of hair tissue, Vitamin E for reducing oxidative stress, Vitamin A,C & E for reducing hair breakage
100% VEGETARIAN GUMMIES: In the form of yummy chewables, here are 60 gummies packed with essential nutrients to strengthen your hair.
HELPING MEN LIVE CONFIDENTLY: We understand one of the leading causes of hair fall and hair loss is a lack of proper nutrition, especially for vegetarians. We have specially designed a Gummy with all the right nutrients for healthy hair for men and are with you in your mission to live confidently.

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