Premium Waterproof Aluminum Foil


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Premium Waterproof Aluminum Foil


Thicker than Competition: aluminum rubber tape is 33% more thicker than the competition providing a greater sealing for longer time.
Hot & Cold Weather: Designed for hot and cold weather conditions and excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications.
Super Durable: Our aluminum foil tape is made of premium pressure-sensitive adhesive. Persistent adhesion is provided at low and high temperatures. UV resistant, moisture resistant, heat resistant and shows good performance in any type of weather.
Multipurpose: Aluminum foil tape is suitable for smooth flat and irregular surfaces. It is generally used for sealing hot and cold air ducts (excellent HVAC duct tape), water tank leakage, pipe insulation systems, sealing aluminum, stainless steel and plastic joints/joints, temporary repair of metal surfaces, copper pipe fixing, etc. Extensive applicability to meet your daily needs.
Sticks to Any Surface: waterproof butyl tape easily sticks to any type of finish, just ensure surface is clean of debris.

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