Rushwak 2-in-1 Mesh & Window Cleaner


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Rushwak Multifunctional Screen Brush 2 in 1 Mesh Cleaning Brush & Wiper with Extended Handle Window Cleaning Brush Net Cleaner Double-Sided Window Cleaner Window Mesh Cleaner, Multi Color, Pack of 1


DURABLE MATERIAL: Rushwak Multifunctional screen brush handle is made of high-quality PP material, ergonomic streamline design, comfortable grip and durable. The mesh cleaner brush head is brushed with flannel, which is dense and soft, can penetrate into the gaps such as screen windows, and has strong cleaning and dust removal capabilities.
DETACHABLE AND FOLDABLE: 21″ mesh cleaning brush for windows net has detachable and foldable functions, and users can adjust the length according to actual needs. And window cleaning brush is conducive to storage and cleaning. Window mesh cleaning brush
DOUBLE-SIDED SCRAPING HEAD: Rushwak window net cleaner adopts double-sided scraping head design, one side is fine fluff to clean dust. Also can use as lint brush, remove dust and hair from clothes, sofa, rugs bed etc. The other side is a flexible scraper to remove water marks and decontamination forcefully. 2 in 1 mesh cleaner brush
HANGABLE & SPACE SAVING: The handle of our window mesh cleaner has a hanging hole, can be hung and stored, does not occupy space, is easy and convenient for pick and place, light weight and durable. Multi functional screen brush is easy to clean. Net cleaning brushes for windows
WIDELY USED: Window cleaning tools can be used in home and car. Home can clean screen windows, sofas, seats, tabletops, tiles and so on. The brush can be used to clean car windows, seats and more. The mosquito net cleaning brush can meet the basic needs of car and indoor cleaning screen brush window cleaning . Mesh cleaner brush window net

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