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100% WHOLE FOOD ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Plantigo Protein is a complete organic natural plant protein with 4 organic protein sources, 8 alkalising greens, 6 powerful antioxidants, and 4 digestive enzymes. Certified Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan-friendly plant protein powder for men/plant protein powder for women that you need for your daily health.
BUILDS & REPAIRS MUSCLE: Our nutrient-dense formula includes 24g of unadulterated muscle-building pea protein powder made from peas, brown rice, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds – perfect for both men and women. Ideal for recovering from daily stress and exercise, managing appetite, and improving energy. Explore the benefits of pea plant protein/vegan plant protein.
SMOOTH, CREAMY TEXTURE WITH SUPERIOR TASTE: It will take a few extra shakes to mix properly – and that’s how your pea plant protein shake should be. It will taste a little grainy – so you know everything in it is real. Keep stirring while drinking it for a delicious blender-free protein smoothie for proper absorption. Discover the goodness of all plant protein powder.
EASY TO DIGEST: Heat can degenerate vegan protein powder, reducing their properties to your body; Plantigo plant Protein powder for men/plant protein powder for women is made at low temperatures, preserving its complete integrity – with 4 digestive enzymes – for proper absorption, even for those with sensitive stomachs. Embrace the benefits of pea protein powder/vegan protein powder for easy digestion.
QUALITY ASSURED: We start with what goes IN our products; whole food ingredients and rigorous standards because we believe in truly clean products you can trust. Contains No Soy, No Added Sugar, No artificial flavors, and No Trans fats. The only plant-based protein powder that compares to animal proteins like whey; Package Content: Pack of 1 Protein Powder. Item Weight: 1 kg. Choose Plantigo Protein for your plant based protein powder needs.

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