Baby Shower Cap – Kids Adjustable


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Amazon has Baby Shower Cap, Shower Cap for Kids 0-9 Years, Adjustable Silicone Crown


EYE AND EAR PROTECTION: Soft silicone bath cap shields baby’s eyes and ears from shampoo and water during bath time for a more comfortable washing experience
ADJUSTABLE FIT: Flexible headband expands to fit sizes small infant to large child head circumference between 13 to 22 inches ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit
WATERPROOF DESIGN: Smooth silicone material is waterproof to keep hair and skin dry while protecting from water exposure in the bath or shower
CUTE APPEARANCE: Fun crown-like shape looks like a princess hat and makes bath time more enjoyable for little ones with designs like flowers or animals
EASY TO CLEAN: Lightweight cap easily rinses clean after use and is dishwasher safe for simple maintenance, available in multi-colors for any nursery theme

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