Panasonic 9W Motion Sensor Bulb: Radar LED for Home, B22, 9W (PBUM28097-PK1/PBUM28097R1)


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Panasonic 9W Motion Sensor Bulb: Radar LED for Home, B22, 9W (PBUM28097-PK1/PBUM28097R1)

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Package Include: 1 Piece of 9W motion sensor LED Bulb
IP20: The IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP20 signifies that Panasonic radar bulb is protected against solid objects larger than 12.5 mm (e.g., fingers or larger tools) and does not offer protection against water or moisture. IP20 is suitable for indoor applications where there is no risk of water exposure.
Sensor Range: Panasonic radar LED bulb is equipped with a motion sensor that can detect movement within a 3-meter radius around the bulb. This means it can sense motion within a circular area with a diameter of 6 meters (3 meters on each side of the bulb).
Beam Angle: Panasonic motion sensor LED bulb has a wide beam angle of 240 degrees. This means the light emitted from the bulb spreads out in a wide cone, providing illumination over a large area.
Surge Protection: The radar bulb is equipped with surge protection up to 3.5kV. Surge protection helps safeguard electronic devices from voltage spikes or transient electrical disturbances that could potentially damage the bulb or its internal components.

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