Pigeon Multi-Cook Kettle, 1.5L, Black


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Pigeon by Stovekraft Swift Multi-Cook Kettle 1.5L, Egg Rack – Black | Double Layered | Food Grade Stainless Steel Inner wall | Glass Lid | Auto Shut-off

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Multi-Function Boil-Cook: Boil water for a variety of Teas & Coffee. Prepare Rice, Soups, Pasta, Noodles, etc. Steam vegetables, corn, etc. Boil Eggs to perfection.
3 Heating Modes: Our Multi-Cook Kettle offers three distinct heating modes – Max (for Boiling), High (for Heating), and Low (for Keeping Warm). Helps you boil water for tea, heat for soups, and keep your favourite dishes warm.
Double-Walled Construction: Stainless Steel inside + Thermal Insulated Outer Body – Unparalleled thermal efficiency – keeps your beverages / meals at the desired temperature for longer periods.
Auto-Shut Function: Safety is our priority. The built-in auto-shut function ensures that once mode temperature is achieved, the product automatically shuts down, and re-starts again to maintain desired mode temperature.
Multi-Functional Attachments: Stainless Steel in-stand for seaming; A plastic bowl – for a variety of cooking tasks; An Egg-boiler attachment – for perfectly boiled eggs

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