Leegoal Heavy Duty Ingrown Toenail Clipper


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leegoal Toe Nail Clipper for Ingrown or Thick Toenails, Heavy Duty Toenail Trimmer Nail Clipper Pedicure Tool with Long Handle and Soft Grip for Seniors

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[HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL]–This nail clipper is made of high-quality stainless steel precision crafted with high hardness, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.It can provide safe sterilization, assist in toenail fungus treatment
[EASY TO USE]–The long handle is made of heavy-duty polymer and coated with non-slip material. The soft rubber handle can be comfortably gripped. The double spring design based on principle of leverage makes it easy to use and labor-saving
[SHARP AND SAFETY]–Sharp cutting edges are sharpened by hand, give you a smooth and clean cut on hard and thick fingernails or toenails , cutting toenails faster. Equipped with a plastic blade cover to avoid accidental injury
[SPECIAL DESIGN]–The blade jaw can be opened 1 inch to trim extremely thick nails easily. The angle of blade makes it easy to penetrate deeply and cut ingrown toenails. Especially for the seniors, and also suitable for men and women of all ages
[DOUBLE SPRING DESIGN]–The rolling spring has a good rebound pressure and maintains its original elasticity for long-term use. The double spring design allows the spring to last longer. Based on ergonomic lever principle design, easy to use labor-saving

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