Casio CT-S300 Portable Keyboard


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Casio CT-S300 Portable Keyboard


A Beginner’s Slim & Stylish Keyboard with 61 Piano Style Touch Sensitive Keys & Pitch-Bend wheel
Incredibly easy to use with its big & clear LCD display & intuitive controls
Compatible with Casio’s Mobile Application “Casio Music Space” which helps you learn all your favourite songs. Just download and import the MIDI file into the app & connect your phone to the Keyboard with an USB Cable. CMS App makes learning fun & easy.
Equipped with 400 Tones & 77 Rhythms, the CT-S200 is an extremely versatile instrument with 13 Indian Tones & 14 Indian Rhythms
Register your favourite settings to easily recall tones and rhythms with the “My Setup” button

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