Boldfit Gym Gloves with Wrist Support


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Boldfit Gym Gloves for Men & Women with Wrist Support Accessories for Weightlifting, Training, Exercise, Cycling Gloves, Bike Sports Gloves- Warrior -M

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FULL PALM PROTECTION: Made of lightweight and breathable elastic fabrics, the cycling gloves for men can circulate and disperse heat, making perfect breathability and freedom during the workout. Boldfit weight lifting gloves have great flexibility, breathability, comfort, and fit. Perfect for weightlifting, exercise, fitness, gym training, bicycle and general workout.
NON-SLIP & DURABLE: The silicone rubber grip and padding across the palm drastically increase friction between the gym equipment and the workout gloves to reduce slipping, keep them in place, and offer a fantastic extra sticky grip for both men and women while working out. The friction between the sweaty hands and the workout equipment like dumbbells or barbells to ensure secure grip, durable and more resistant to wear and tear.
COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: The well-ventilated back and finger of Boldfit hand gloves for gym boast their skin-friendly and resilient fabric that offers you amazing comfort. What is really neat about these is the holes at back design, which allows your hands to breathe so your hands won’t get sweaty and the workout gloves men and women won’t be smelly. The wrist wraps are tightened and loosened with velcro, providing the user the ability to adjust to their personal comfort.
EASY ON EASY OFF: The weight lifting gloves feature a long strap and velcro closure with tabs on middle and ring fingers to allow you to adjust them and take them on and off in seconds pre- and post-workout. The short wrist strap leaves room for fitness tracker to track your performance effortlessly no matter what and where you train: whether you are doing pullups, battling ropes, or lifting dumbbells and barbells in the gym or cycling, hiking and rowing outdoors.
DOUBLE-STITCHED FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY: The double stitch of workout gloves makes them built to last so you will not need to replace them as often. Gym hand gloves for men also provides users the confidence to lift harder and safer

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