AirBoost Wireless Tyre Inflator


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Amazon has DYLECT Smart Tyre Inflator for Cars, Bikes, and Cycles + Smart Phone Power Bank with a 6000mAh Battery!

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Power-Packed Performance: The DYLECT Turbo PowerBank 600 Dual (2 in 1) Digital Tyre Inflator is a Dual Mode Inflator with DC 12V Power Supply and Battery Mode. It has a super-powerful copper winding motor, ensuring reliable and high-quality performance. The Inflator also works as a Smart Phone PowerBank with 6000 mAh Battery with Type C Charging Port.
Inflation Speed: The Dylect Tyre Inflator has a maximum pressure capacity of 150 PSI, enabling swift inflation of your tires from 0 to 36 PSI in just 7 minutes. With the Automatic Shut-Off Feature, it ensures enhanced safety and security,
User-Friendly Operation: Featuring an ergonomic and lightweight design, the 0.56 kg tire inflator stands out with its digital display and LED lighting, providing a user-friendly experience.
Versatile Usage: The Tyre Inflator exemplifies exceptional versatility with its ability to inflate cars, bikes, cycles, footballs, basketballs, balloons, swimming tubes, mattresses, and more.
Warranty: It comes with the assurance of a one-year warranty, starting from the date of purchase, safeguarding against any manufacturing, material, or assembly flaws.

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