Yorten Rotatable Cleaning Glass Wiper Window Cleaner with Long Rod, Silicone Squeegee for Bathroom, Windows, and Car Glass, Window Squeegee, Mirror Scraper Brush with Soft Rubber


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Yorten Rotatable Glass Wiper with Long Rod – Silicone Squeegee for Bathroom, Windows, Car – Mirror Scraper Brush



QTY : 2U, MATERIAL : Flap – Plastic + Handle – Iron with PVC coated.
It is Very Compatible Size & Perfect for your Home Long Handle Makes swiping Easier, Item Dimension: 36inchx16inch
Long Lasting & Durable Foam Cleans better then other wipers, Package Contents: 2-Piece Handle, 2 Piece Wiper Flap.
Use This floor wiper for all kind of floor surface cleaning.
Good Quality Foam Blade Lasts for Long Time and Cleans Perfectly.


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