Wholegrain, high fiber, protein-rich, weight management.


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True Elements Rolled Oats 1.2 kg – Diet Food | 100% Wholegrain Oats | Oats for Weight Management | High Fibre Breakfast | Rich in Protein | Jumbo Oats

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No dust and powder: Our pack of Rolled Oats has no powder in it. Because it’s not powdery, your meals won’t be sticky, resulting in a refreshing taste, and a satisfying eating experience.
Even grain size: Our Rolled Oats are consistent in size throughout the pack. Whether it be fullness or grain size, consistency is assured all the time.
Hours-long fullness: Our powder-free Rolled Oats are uniform in size and rich in dietary fibres, keeping you full until lunch. Consume it as overnight quick oats or cook it as masala oats
Powerhouse of micronutrients: Our even size rolled oats for weight loss many dietary micronutrients such as vitamin B and other micronutrients needed to holistically nourish your body and helps in weight loss
Stay light and heartily healthy: With adequate amounts of fibre and protein, our Rolled oats make it easy for you to keep a check on your weight & heart health.
Versatile Breakfast: Whether you eat a bowl of overnight oats, a porridge, or whip up oat dosa, the crunch and nutrients of our Rolled Oats will keep you full & satisfied until lunch.

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