Ultra Soft Waterproof Double Mattress Protector


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Amazon has GADDA CO Cotton Feel Terry Ultra Soft Waterproof Elastic Fitted Mattress Protector – 72 * 72 – Double Bed – Dark Blue + Free shipping


✔ AMAZING SIZE AND MATERIAL: Measures definite size that fit up to your bed. It has a fitted cover style plan with versatile for better fitting, 100 percent Terry Cotton Fabric with fluid square coating
✔ SLEEPING PAD PROTECTION: Mattress stays fresh, it is without plastic cover and with a new technology that stays for quite a long time with this 100 percent terry cotton bedding defender
✔ COOL AND QUIET: The terry cotton texture is soft, quiet and remains firmly set up with no sound. The texture is breathable and keeps you cool, spotless and agreeable the entire evening.
✔ 100 PERCENT WATERPROOF: Waterproof fitted bed blanket keeps your sleeping pad clean from spills, stains and fluid. Feel great even with youthful children around since productively retains and fluid spills keeping your bedding totally perfect.
✔ BREATHABLE: Mattresses will quite often be the breathing ground particularly assuming that you have infants around who spill and pee over it. GADDA CO waterproof sleeping protector is the best safeguard against stains. It effectively keeps the free away from your sleeping cushion.
✔ Easy to care – Wash it gently in washing machine
✔ Wash Care Instructions: Upto 40C Machine wash on gentle mode, Hand Wash with cold water, Do not iron, Do not Dryclean, Do not Bleach.
✔ Fits mattresses up to 2-10 Inch

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