Quaker Oats 2kg | Rolled Oats | 100% Natural Wholegrain | Nutritious Breakfast Cereals | Porridge | Easy to Cook


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Quaker Oats 2kg – Rolled Oats, 100% Natural Wholegrain, Nutritious Breakfast Cereals, Porridge



2. Lasting Energy : Start the day with a bowlful of nutritious & tasty Quaker Oats. These 100% Natural Wholegrain Oats have complex carbohydrates that breaks down slowly to provide energy that lasts.
3. Helps reduce cholestrol : As part of a diet low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol, alongwith a healthy & active lifestyle, consumption of 2 bowls of Oats everyday giving 3g soluble fiber Beta glucan may help reduce cholesterol.
5. Helps Maintain Weight: Make it a part of fitness and weight loss journey
1. 100% Natural Wholegrain Oats : Rolled oats in your choice of pack size Oats 1kg, Oats 2kg, Oats 1.5kg
6. Easy to Cook : Ready in just 3 minutes. Quaker Oats can be eaten sweet or savoury or add them as a wholesome ingredient in your favorite dishes, such as Idli or Poha or Masala Oats or whip some classic oatmeal cookies. Enjoy the wholesome benefits of this whole grain in any number of meals or snacks, any time of day.
4. Rich in Fiber & Source of Protein :
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