Nutri Organics Dry Fruits Premium Seedless Kismis Green Raisins Dry Grapes Kishmish – Ziplock Pouch 500g


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Nutri Organics Premium Seedless Green Raisins 500g Ziplock Pouch



WHOLE FRUIT: Simply fruit, that’s all! The highest quality, perfectly ripened, perfectly dried fruit kismis straight from our farmer’s fields and into your pantry.
ZERO ADDED SUGAR: All natural, baby – Just like that fruit on your counter. These tasty treats have the perfect level of sweetness thanks to our farmer’s tight monitoring process of sugar levels. As they ripen on the vine, they get sweeter and sweeter on their own.
BEST SNACKING SOLUTION: The researchers found that daily consumption of raisins may significantly lower blood pressure, especially when compared to eating other common snacks
HIGH FIBER FOOD: Raisins are an excellent digestive aid
YUMMY: Seedless Green Raisins are nature’s little yummy candies, a healthier alternative to sugar rich candies and sweet products.
NATURAL: Raisins naturally contain antioxidants, potassium and fibre that benefits your overall health. It helps in digestion, reduces acidity and improves the immune system.
LOW FAT: These nutritious, high energy and low-fat food not only helps you to stay healthy but also keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.


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