Nexium Unbreakable Plastic Storage Jars & Container Set Of 6 (500ml,Seagreen)…


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Nexium Unbreakable Plastic Storage Jars & Container Set Of 6 (500ml,Seagreen)…


Air Tight Seal : Containers Have An Air Tight Seal That Completely Locks The Crisp & Flavor Of The Contents You Put In As It Does Not Lose Moisture
Stack-able: You Can Stack The Containers One Over The Other.Space Saving Canisters,Helps You To Organize Your Kitchen.
BPA Free: This Containers Protects You From Health Hazards Of BPA Plastics.It Is Made From 100% Food Grade Plastic.
Transparency: The Crystal Clear Transparency Helps In Spotting Things Easily & Labeling Is Not Required For The Food Kept Inside & Trendy Design Enhance Your Kitchen.
Freezer Safe: Containers Are 100% Freezer Safe So That You Can Put Into Fridge For Long Time.

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