Kwality Muesli Fruit & Nut 1Kg Jar – 76% Multi Grains, No Maida, High in Protein & Fiber


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Kwality Muesli Fruit & Nut 1Kg Jar – 76% Multi Grains, No Maida, High in Protein & Fiber



Goodness of Multigrain : The term “multigrain” suggests that the cereal is a blend of different grains. This diversity in grains can contribute to a wider array of essential nutrients, offering a more comprehensive nutritional profile.
76% Multigrain : The specific percentage (76%) emphasizes a significant concentration of multigrains in the cereal. This high content underscores the product’s commitment to providing a substantial amount of diverse grains in each serving.
Contains Wheat, oat, corn, Brown rice flakes : Each grain contributes its unique nutritional profile. For example, wheat is a good source of complex carbohydrates, oats provide beta-glucans for heart health, corn adds sweetness and fiber, and brown rice offers additional fiber and essential minerals.
High in dietary fibre : High-fiber foods can promote a feeling of fullness, potentially assisting individuals in managing their appetite and weight.
Source of protein : Being a source of protein suggests that the cereal can contribute to muscle maintenance and development. This is particularly important for those looking to incorporate protein into their diet for various health and fitness goals.
No added artificial color & preservatives : The absence of artificial colors and preservatives aligns with the trend toward cleaner and more natural food options.


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