Juarez JRZ23UK/NA 23″ Concert Size Ukulele Kit, AQUILA Strings, Sapele Body, Rosewood Fingerboard, Matte Finish, with Bag and Picks, Natural Brown (21 INCH, Mahogany)


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This Juârez 23 Inch Ukulele is a four-stringed plucked instrument, which is an easy to learn, also to stimulate the potential of rhythm instruments.
Sapele body and Okoume neck bring you richer and brighter sound. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge provides a comfortable playing feel.
MADE IN ITALY SUPERNYLGUT AQUILA Brand Nylon strings produce really nice clear sound, also protect your fingers.
Metal chrome tuners assure your instrument will keep good in tune stable. Machine Head – Black open type
Carved sound hole, High quality ABS nut and saddle. Finish – Matte. Ukulele Gig Bag and 2 Picks Included.

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