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Amazon has FOXNSK Self Stirring Mug – High Borosilicate Glass, Electric Mixing, Travel-Friendly – Shop Now for Convenient Coffee Bliss!


ELECTRIC MIXING CUP: Easily stir a variety of drinks, like stirring coffee, milk, hot chocolate, protein powder, cocoa, juices, chia seeds, matcha, egg, and many other mixed beverages that can be stirred. Note: Viscous beverages are not applicable. Such: milkshake, ice cream, jelly etc.
POWERED BY 2 AAA BATTERIES: Self stirring coffee mug just install 2 batteries AAA to use it (not included). Product size: 10.5 x 9 x 9cm / 4.13 x 3.54 x 3.54in. Handle size: 9 x 2cm/3.54 x 0.78in. Product net weight: 268g.
HOW TO INSTALL THE BATTERY: Before using the product or installing the battery, you can watch the operation video and accompanying instructions we uploaded. Steps to remove the cover and install the battery: First, remove the orange buckle, turn it clockwise to open the cup lid, insert 2 AAA batteries (pay attention to the correct direction of installing the battery), then align the buckle position and close the lid, in the opposite direction Tighten the lid. Finally insert the orange buckle.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: The mixing cup is made of high borosilicate glass and high quality plastic wood grain. High borosilicate glass is easy to cope with changes in cold and heat, does not explode when cooled or heated suddenly, and is resistant to low temperatures of -30° and high temperatures of 150°.
EASY TO CLEAN: Auto self mixing glass mugs are easy to clean, just wash with tap water. Easy to clean dirt, not easy to breed bacteria, healthy and hygiene. Note: When cleaning the lid, make sure the lid is tightened and the orange buckle is inserted. Prevent water from entering the battery compartment and causing damage.

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