CELLO Plastic Petal Bathroom Set – Sturdy, Lightweight, Easy to Clean, Green, Set of 3


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CELLO Plastic Petal Bathroom Set – Sturdy, Lightweight, Easy to Clean, Green, Set of 3



Light weight and sturdy: Light weight yet durable the bathroom set is made with functionality in mind. Being lightweight makes it useful while the strong material ensures that it will last you a long time.
Easy to clean: Designed with a smooth surface the bathroom set is made so that dirt and grime don’t stick to the material. This make cleaning a breeze. Simply wash off with mild detergent and a soft sponge.
Attractive design: Vibrant colors and modern shapes make the petal bathroom set an attractive addition to your personal space.
Made from quality plastic: Made from high quality PP the bathroom set is designed to blend form and function and fit into your everyday life efficiently.
Compact Size: Designed for smaller bathrooms or spaces, this set optimizes space utilization without compromising on functionality or aesthetics



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