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Simple to Operate: This device can provide a continuous stream of cold air for hours, ensuring your body stays cool throughout the night, promoting a restful sleep. Its lightweight design, coupled with a soothing night light, makes it perfect for a comfortable night’s rest.
Refreshing Moisture: This portable air conditioner addresses the shortcomings of traditional models by using natural water evaporation to cool the air, ensuring it remains pleasantly moist without drying out. It’s also energy-efficient, offering a refreshing experience with low power consumption.
Green Solution: Unlike traditional freon air conditioners, this unit saves a minimum of 90% electricity during the summer months. Filled with water and devoid of harmful chemicals, it’s an environmentally friendly choice. In summer, it serves as the perfect gift for you, your family, and friends, promoting both comfort and eco-consciousness.
Versatile Wind Speed Control: With three selectable levels (high, medium, low), this portable air conditioner allows you to customize your experience for leisure, sleep, or work. Additionally, the built-in colorful and soft LED lights serve a dual purpose: creating a romantic ambiance and aiding in better sleep quality.
Expanded Power Options: This device offers three power supply methods, giving you flexibility. You can utilize the USB port of mobile devices like laptops to keep it powered, providing convenience wherever you go.

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