Allroaring Pet Toy Flying Saucer Ball for Dogs, Changeable Shapes Interactive, Green


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Allroaring Pet Toy Flying Saucer Ball for Dogs, Changeable Shapes Interactive, Green

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High-Quality Material:UFO deformation ball is a unique flexible soft plastic material with a cool surface,Magic ball The soft rubber material of the magic ball toy is not easy to be damaged, and also tough and drop-resistant, making it durable and waterproof, very suitable for Large pet dog to play with.
Multiple Ways to Play: Toy ball flying saucer size 9*9 inch, dog flying saucer ball have two forms can be switched freely; press the yellow circle with the palm of your hand, directly fit the suction up and down, and it becomes a cool flying saucer toy. After pressing, it is no longer a simple ball, it is a flying saucer ball, flying saucer ball dog toy can also be a football, or throw a sandbag.
Interactive Play: Flying saucer ball dog toy is an interactive herding toy that provides hours of rolling fun for active dogs. Let you interact with your dog promoting health and increasing intimacy. Kids and adults will love this fun and fantastic flying ball decompression toys
Warm Tips:Safety is a top priority, and this toy ball has been designed with smooth edges, no rough edges, and no sharp corners, making it safe for children to play with. It is recommended for children over 3 years old or large dogs, The unpredictable bouncing patterns will keep your dog entertained and active.
After-Sales Service: If you have any questions when you receive the pet toy flying saucer ball, please feel free to contact us , we will provide you with high-quality answers.we will be online 24 hours to ask you to answer.

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